Thursday, October 4, 2007

My Suprise, Part Two

Here then are the lads from my Baden Brigade and my "Italian" Brigade, how splendid they shall appear when their uniforms are complete! I must admit, I feel quite like a child at the Holiday seasons, breathless with anticipation as to what Father Christmas (or Pere Noel as the locals refer to him) will have left for me.
Respectfully, Sir William


abdul666 said...

An extremely pleasant suite (I perused the 8 plates), credible, eye-candy AND self-consistent / logically built.
Now (and that's why I place my comment to this post), did the Hon. Col. Don Vito Corleone claim any relationship with Monte-Cristo?

Bill McHenry said...

My dear friend Jean-Louis; Don Vito is such a close-mouthed individual that I know scarce little about his personal life or affiliations. However, his comrades, the young Dons Pacino and di Niro have alluded to his having "friends everywhere" and both of the young Dons have asked after your multitude of wives, expressing "fond memories" of, apparently, previous encounters? As I have already expressed, the Southern Italian is still somewhat of a mystery to me, and I am not always able to "read" them as well as I am others.

Sir William

Bluebear Jeff said...

Very nice uniforms indeed. I particularly like that the same set of "difference colors" have been used for these two brigades.

-- Jeff