Friday, October 12, 2007

The Completed Collection of Cavalry and Artillery Uniform and Standard Plates, By Special Request


Bluebear Jeff said...


All of the uniforms for your mounted troops are great . . . but I'm not at all sure that I don't like the flags even more than the uniforms.

These units should look great on the tabletop. Please let us have pictures as soon as that's possible.

Thanks for collecting these together. They look fabulous!

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

Great to see all of them at once - an excellent design of an army!
Now, what about the uniform of the 'military' drivers'?

A kind of challenge: on no site or blog I know the livery of drummers / trumpeters is shown as drawings -only on painted minis. I suspect this would imply to print a (large!) copy of an 'uncolored' template, add the livery lace &c... with rotring/ very fine felt markers / ballpencils; then hand-color / paint the whole uniform as done here, and have the colored template scanned back to gigitalized format??


MurdocK said...

Fantastic collection of planning images.

I can hardly wait to see the painted troops pictured along with their detailed livery images!