Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Christmas From M'Uedail

Beannachtaí an tSéasúir - Season's Greetings, in Gaelic of course!

"Twas the Night Before Christmas, And all through the land,
We all give thought, To what shall come from Per Noel's hand.

For me it's a battalion, Or even two or three,
For the Lady Katherine, Some new French finery for me to see.

For all of the children, I'm sure it's toys or sweets,
But as we all well know, There will be joy regardless of the treats.

I do give a prayer, One that I hope you all share,
For the fine boys and girls, In uniform everywhere.

They're all so young and so fine, And so far from home,
I pray you Father Christmas, Make them your own.

As we all share our Holiday, With the ones that we love,
Let them share it too, With help from Above.

As they can't be re-painted, Or re-based as our toys,
Let them all take care, Those fine girls and boys.

As for all of us, For you and for me,
I'm sure we'll eat too much, with perhaps a little grog, We'll just have to see.

For all of you My Friends, Wherever you are,
A Joyous Season be upon you, Under the Guiding Star."

Sir William


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Hi Bill,

What new developments do you envision for the Duchy of M'Uedail in 2008?

Best Regards,


Sir William the Aged said...

Stokes (and any others who might have an interest);

I have been remiss in not keeping my Blog current, which I will correct in 2008. Actually, M'Uedail is going to "scale back" on the "tailoring" project somewhat. All of the planned units have already been purchased and will be completed, just not as rapidly as I originally planned.

My primary focus is on completing the figures commited for the Big Battalion Game in Austin in November. However, I've decided to expand my Blogging, as I'm sure you're aware, and this has motivated me to working on my other "pet" project armies as well. I've actually owned some of the figures for a couple of years and just couldn't get the motivation to complete them. I have now filled in all of the gaps that I had with additional figures, separated everything out into units and brigades (or the Ancient equivalent), and will be rotating my painting to maintain the interest level and motivation.

Right now I own all of the figures for M'Uedail's planned OoB, plus an additional Brigade of Trade Guild Militia that haven't been discussed yet as well as a "suprise" Brigade that represents a new alliance for M'Uedail. I also own over 300 Old School "true 25mm" Vikings, Saxons, Anglo-Danes, Norse-Irish, Northern Barbarians that will be painted as generic Norsemen and will do battle as the Hyborean Army of the Asgard of the Northern Isles. In 15mm I own over 900 Renaissance figures as follows; roughly 300 Swedes or Protestants, 300 Imperialists or Catholics, 200 French Wars of Religion, and 150 Scots Mercenaries that can fight for the highest bidder in our TYW campaign. And finally, again in 15mm, I have over 300 figures and 7 elephants for what I hope will be my "ultimate" Ghaznavid Turk army (I call every one that, this will be the 4th that I've painted), that will do battle as the Hyborean Kingdom of the Ghazi of Turan in our campaign. And some day I really need to get back to my AWI plastic collection, which now numbers around 400 figures.

My hat is really off to guys like you and Will McNally and Jim (Der Alte) who can set goals and speed paint to complete them, or at least keep plugging on one theme until the goal is met. I'm just not wired that way and find that rotating the next unit on the table keeps my interest at a higher level and gives me a better chance of completing my projects. Might help if I had dedicated painting space, but right now I share the kitchen table in a household of 6 folks and 8 animals, so I have to pack everything up after a session. My first goal is to complete the equivalent of 1 Brigade in each force, then start over again with the same goal. If I can keep that up on a steady basis, the ranks will start filling out soon. I'll at least have enough to do some actual tabletop gaming!


abdul666 said...

Hello Sir William,

how is the recruitment progressing? I ear of Swiss, Poles...


abdul666 said...

"my other "pet" project" "other blogs"... Yes, I fully understand the temptation!
'Ach! Gross Malheur!' Dispersion, the fate (bane?) of so many wargamer! The reverse of the coin with enthusiasm / passion at the obverse, certainly.

Best regards,