Friday, September 7, 2007

My Apologies...

Sorry, I should have mentioned that before leaving Paris, I did commision a member of the College of Heralds to design my Ducal Arms and Colors. They are shown in miniature to the left of this communication, but I have decided to show them in greater detail above. My arms are quartered, showing my allegiance and fealty to, clockwise from upper left, France, Ireland, Saronno and Baden-Baden. The arms are surmounted by a ducal crown, supported by a pair of magnificent stags (the hunting is wonderful in the forested areas of the duchy), and accompanied by a scroll with my personal motto, "In Vino Veritas", meaning of course, "In Drink There Is Truth", something I've always found to be true. I have also added a cartographer's rendition of Greater Europa showing my insignificant little duchy in blue, and its relationship to the greater outside World.

Respectfully, again, Sir William


Stokes Schwartz said...

Happy Saturday,

A very nice start, indeed! I too am a fan of plastic soldiers. Please post some photos of your forces when you can.

Best Regards,

Stokes Schwartz
The Grand Duchy of Stollen

abdul666 said...

Great to discover a new blog devoted to a Lace Wars Imagi-Nation!
And the presentation, the autobiography tone is both original and promising.
I'll add a link yo your blog on the Presipality of Monte-Cristo blog

Keep us informed of the story of your character and country.

Bluebear Jeff said...

As you look at these comments, you will notice that we all use our imagi-Nation's flags as our "photo".

I think that these look great . . . as does your coat-of-arms.

I would suggest that you consider either using your coat-of-arms OR creating a ducal flag for use as your "photograph".

If you go to your DASHBOARD, there's a spot on the right-hand side where you can "Edit Profile" . . . that is where you may select your "photograph" (which will appear on comments and above your "bio" information.

Keep up the great posts . . . and, once again, welcome!

-- Jeff

Frankfurter said...

Actually, some of us use other things than our flags for our icons ... but your coat of arms looks nice ...
Welcome aboard, and bring along some of that nice Gaelic product, Uisge or Whiskey!

MurdocK said...

An auspicious start!